Art in Bloom 2022

Every second Spring, the Winnipeg Art Gallery blooms with creativity during the ephemeral event Art in Bloom, where creatives interpret art with live florals and plants.
Oliva + Olga created a piece symbolic of circularity, a blooming concept in today’s society, while directly applying its principles by using secondhand jewelry and textiles to achieve new art. Inspired by using what already exists to create new things, Oliva + Olga revives broken and unloved jewelry by repurposing and redesigning them into new again adornments. As live blooms breath new life into art, Oliva + Olga breaths new life into jewelry. This piece seeks to inspire viewers to do the same, and find creative ways of using what they already have to create what they need rather than buying new.
Materials: Floral Foam, Secondhand Jewelry, Salvaged Textile Rosettes, Live Blooms
Original: Arnauti by Beatrice Deer, a colourful modern interpretation of the traditional Inuit garment of the same name. Arnauti is part of Qaumajuq's inaugural exhibition, INUA.